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MagicMail: Industry-leading Email Platform Email Servers Made Easy Again
The Top Selling Carrier-Grade Mail Platform

Linux Development - What Can We Do For You?

MagicMail for ISPs

For ISP Companies

ISPs need a stable, fast, easy-to-use, spam free email platform for their users.

MagicMail for Telcos

For Telco Carriers

Carriers want a Carrier-Grade platform. Scalable, secure, and built for today's environment.

MagicMail for Cable Companies

For Cable Companies

Your users are too valuable to lose over poor email! Reduce customer churn with MagicMail.

Why Buy MagicMail?

MagicMail is the Top Selling Carrier Grade Email platform for the ISP, Telco, and Cable industry in North America. The reason? We are "Making Email Simple Again!" Turn to a partner you can trust, and purchase an email platform specifically built for your industry. With one of the most attractive pricing models on the market, let us lower the cost of providing email, help lower your support costs, and help you engage more loyal customers. We back it up with a 24/7 support, millions of dollars in research and development, and one of the best group of engineers that understand your business. Email is a Mission Critical service and we treat it that way.

Email! It IS the most important service you can offer your customers. It is the most used service in the world, with 2.5 Million emails sent every second. Your customers deserve the BEST in email service. It is the 'stickiest' service you can offer. When customers use your email, it reduces customer churn, it's free marketing, it strengthens your brand. But you can't expect your team to be email and spam protection experts. That's where we come in.

Your customers will always expect the BEST when it comes to your services. The only thing is, email experts cost money. Engineers cost money. And customer support costs you valuable resources. One slip up affecting your email can cause you to lose long time customers.

You need a team, a product, and an email platform that can help your business today. Remember, your customers access their email 6-20 times per day. This can be a powerful opportunity if you treat it that way.

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OCT 23th, 2017 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce the hiring of Himmy Lau as Sales Director for LinuxMagic. LinuxMagic, the makers of industry leading technologies for the ISP, Telco, and Hosting industries such as MagicMail and MagicSpam is very excited that Himmy Lau will be spearheading the growth initiatives of the companies products, as well as expanding the companies sales forces. This addition to the management team brings an extra high level resource reporting directly to the President/CEO.

Himmy Lau was chosen for this role because of his strong background as a sale leader and his enthusiasm for the companies strategic direction and growth. Himmy will be in charge of developing go to market strategies for the companies core product lines, as well as strengthening the core sales teams and developing sales channel strategies. Coming from a recent three (3) year engagement with one of Vancouver's premier success stories at BuildDirect as sales manager, and with over seven years management experience at Shaw Communications, Himmy Lau understands the opportunities that LinuxMagic products and technologies have for the Cable/Telco/ISP industries.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors has this to say about Himmy joining the team.. “We might have hired Himmy because of his passion and experience, but it takes a very special type of person to help grow a technology company through various stages of growth, and Himmy's clear understanding of methods, strategies and team building means we have added the right balance of energy and strategy. We are excited to be able to add his management talent to our dynamic team”

LinuxMagic has spent the last few years growing out it's market share in the North American ISP/Telco space, with their MagicMail Carrier grade email platform, and has reached the stage of being a Top Selling mail platform for the Tier 2/3 ISP's and now is expanding it's footprint in the market, as well as targeting the Tier 1 ISP deployments.

As well, LinuxMagic's Spam Protection products are sold and deployed in over 83 countries, and with 40% year over year growth in this division, the company is now focused on even greater expansion.

Himmy also expressed his excitement with this opportunity.. “Working with such a great team, and with industry leading technologies is always fun, and a chance to work with so much talent was part of what got me excited. But to have the chance to make a real impact in both the Telecommunications field, and driving change is a huge opportunity. And being able to bring my experience to a company dedicated to real growth is a great opportunity”

Aside from working in a large telecommunications company in many leadership roles, including Regional Sales Manager, Himmy also understands work life balance, and when he isn't hard at work making change, he's very active in playing competitive basketball, playing with his puppy, and being a foodie in Vancouver. Having the opportunity to work so near his home in downtown Vancouver allows him to have that great life balance.

More information on Himmy's background is available at:


Contact Information and Resources:

LinuxMagic Software (a division of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.) is an internationally renowned Canadian company specializing in developing email and spam protections solutions for the ISP, Telecommunications and Enterprise markets. From their award winning MagicMail Email Server platforms, to their MagicSpam Anti-Spam technologies, LinuxMagic helps and protects millions of users worldwide. LinuxMagic's highly qualified development team, dedicated to Open Source software, has contributed to the recognition of LinuxMagic as one of the premier Linux Support and Linux Solution Providers.

Website Address: http://www.linuxmagic.com

Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. ("Wizard IT Services") a federally incorporated company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is known for it's early adoption of new innovative ideas. With years of background in Internet Technologies and Software Development, and their expertise as a Linux Support House, they have been developing innovative solutions since 1997. It's corporate relationships with Canadian and International firms, have continued to grow, and the exports of it's software products, services and offerings has reached international scope.

Website Address: http://www.wizard.ca

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
LinuxMagic® is the Registered Trademark of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. 'MagicMail' and 'MagicSpam' are the Trademarks of LinuxMagic Software and Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.

All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners..

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"MagicMail has been one of the best additions to our Internet Service. ...Technical Support is one of my top priorities. The LinuxMagic staff has been wonderful to work with. ...I have been very happy with MagicMail and LinuxMagic and would recommend them to anyone."

M. Weller, Allwest Communications

"The most dedicated and hardworking staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

J. Nelson, Sierra Internet

"The LinuxMagic team has been a major contributing factor in the success of our ASP business model."

D. Lopez, ASP Global Services

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