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MagicMail: Industry-leading Email Platform Email Servers Made Easy Again
The Top Selling Carrier-Grade Mail Platform

Linux Development - What Can We Do For You?

MagicMail for ISPs

For ISP Companies

ISPs need a stable, fast, easy-to-use, spam free email platform for their users.

MagicMail for Telcos

For Telco Carriers

Carriers want a Carrier-Grade platform. Scalable, secure, and built for today's environment.

MagicMail for Cable Companies

For Cable Companies

Your users are too valuable to lose over poor email! Reduce customer churn with MagicMail.

Why Buy MagicMail?

MagicMail is the Top Selling Carrier Grade Email platform for the ISP, Telco, and Cable industry in North America. The reason? We are "Making Email Simple Again!" Turn to a partner you can trust, and purchase an email platform specifically built for your industry. With one of the most attractive pricing models on the market, let us lower the cost of providing email, help lower your support costs, and help you engage more loyal customers. We back it up with a 24/7 support, millions of dollars in research and development, and one of the best group of engineers that understand your business. Email is a Mission Critical service and we treat it that way.

Email! It IS the most important service you can offer your customers. It is the most used service in the world, with 2.5 Million emails sent every second. Your customers deserve the BEST in email service. It is the 'stickiest' service you can offer. When customers use your email, it reduces customer churn, it's free marketing, it strengthens your brand. But you can't expect your team to be email and spam protection experts. That's where we come in.

Your customers will always expect the BEST when it comes to your services. The only thing is, email experts cost money. Engineers cost money. And customer support costs you valuable resources. One slip up affecting your email can cause you to lose long time customers.

You need a team, a product, and an email platform that can help your business today. Remember, your customers access their email 6-20 times per day. This can be a powerful opportunity if you treat it that way.

» MagicMail's Key Features

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Now Available for Upgrade - MagicMail Version 2.0.5-1

VANCOUVER BC – OCTOBER 12, 2016 - LinuxMagic® is pleased to announce their latest release of the Top Selling Carrier Class Email server platform, MagicMail®. This latest version of MagicMail brings enhanced protection, performance, and administrative improvements to ISPs, Cable, and Telecommunication Companies throughout North America and beyond.

Recent months have shown an ever increasing rise in attacks originating from the Internet of Things resulting in increased work loads and risks to ISPs and their customers. To help combat the overhead faced by Email Operators and the risks faced by their customers - MagicMail 2.0.5 introduces new protections against compromised IoT devices.

Along side these new protections, MagicMail 2.0.5 brings system performance improvements through optimization of back-end services and enhancements to its anti-spam system, administrative user interface improvements to aid Email System Operators in delivering exemplary and timely customer service to their clients, and end-customer centric enhancements to help customers make more effective use of their Email.

MagicMail is a self-hosted mail server designed specifically to enable ISPs, Cable and Telecom companies to have more control over their data, block spam, and provide their customers with a simple-to-use carrier-grade mail platform.

In order to meet the evolving market needs of email consumers, LinuxMagic provides their fully-featured mail-server with all of the company's custom tools and spam protection at no extra cost. This includes additional support for anti-spam, and anti-virus scanning, high volume mailing, pro-active user protection, and a complete, easy-to-use management and user interface to allow further customization.

LinuxMagic understands that it is vital to work with a company that specializes in email to meet the changing needs of their users. Backed by over 10 years of experience as email experts, MagicMail continues to be the top selling self-hosted mail platform in the US telecommunications markets that millions of users and hundreds of ISP types trust to make email simple again.

About LinuxMagic:

LinuxMagic has a 19 year history creating innovative solutions for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market, as well as products for the the telecommunications market. The company specializes in developing email solutions for Linux from high volume mail servers and anti-spam technologies to security and mission critical needs. Learn more about LinuxMagic by visiting www.linuxmagic.com or by following @LinuxMagic on Twitter. For more information about MagicMail, visit www.magicmail.com

For media inquiries please contact the Head Office of LinuxMagic at (604) 682-0300 or via email to info@linuxmagic.com to book an appointment.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. LinuxMagic® is the Registered Trademark of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. MagicMail® and MagicSpam® are Registered Trademarks of LinuxMagic and Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.

» Testimonials

"MagicMail has been one of the best additions to our Internet Service. ...Technical Support is one of my top priorities. The LinuxMagic staff has been wonderful to work with. ...I have been very happy with MagicMail and LinuxMagic and would recommend them to anyone."

M. Weller, Allwest Communications

"The most dedicated and hardworking staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

J. Nelson, Sierra Internet

"The LinuxMagic team has been a major contributing factor in the success of our ASP business model."

D. Lopez, ASP Global Services

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