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Here at LinuxMagic, we would like to give credit where credit is due, and aside from our own team of dedicated programmers and support personnel, a lot of people involved in the opensource movement, created or began the creation process of some of the underlying software. We would like to thank them for all of their work, or our products would have taken a lot more to develop.

First and foremost, no credit list can be complete without thanking the 'Father' of Linux, Linus Torvalds, who started the development of Linux, which of course everyone knows has taken the world by storm. Of course, there is no way to list all of the thousands upon thousands of developers who have helped and contributed to make it what it is today. But beyond that, some significant software is installed when we do a 'MagicMail' installation, that should be addressed specifically. And also, the GNU foundation deserves credit for all it's work in software and licensing, that enables certain softwares to be truly 'Free' Software.

Dan Bernstein - The Developer of Qmail
Qmail, one of the most robust Mail Server programs around. LinuxMagic has been deploying Qmail Servers for years, allowing clients to have High Volume Mail Servers, that perform above and beyond all expectations. Qmail has a specific License, that although opensource, it requires that the software is distributed unmodified, and with the source. This source distribution is installed as part of our installation of the underlying systems that the 'MagicMail' Server uses. Although we use some of our own programs in place of certain Qmail programs, Qmail is still an important aspect of what makes our mail servers so stable, and perform so well. For complete details on Qmail, visit the homepage at http://www.qmail.org. A few opensource patches for Qmail, are also installed.

The Apache Foundation
The Apache Project helped develop the most robust WebServer software in the world, and it is deployed more than any other form of WebServer software. This is important, as the webserver is a crucial part of our system, to check webmail, to check quarantine mail, and to handle our user and admin interfaces. For complete details on Apache, visit the homepage at http://www.apache.org.

The Debian Operating System
Although LinuxMagic supports almost every flavor of Linux distribution, the best system we have found for ease of administration, maintainability, and updating is the Debian Operating System. Rather than having one company, or one team of developers, the Debian Operating System truly embraces the opensource movement, and has developers contributing from all over the world, and from all kinds of companies. LinuxMagic has embraced Debian, and uses a Debian based system, and installation procedure for almost all of it's deployments. More and more governments, companies, and industries are adopting the Debian Standards, and it is what makes our servers a joy to own, and operate. If you would like to know more about Debian, visit the homepage at http://www.debian.org

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