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LinuxMagic Fights Spam With Their Enhanced Version of MagicMail

Posted on: 2007-07-23| Type: News Item

Surrey, BC -- LINUXMAGIC -- As security threats from viruses and spam continue to grow and plague Internet and email users, LinuxMagic, a British Columbia based Linux support and product development company, recently launched its latest version of MagicMail. The latest version enables users to take advantage of enhancements made to combat viruses, spam and email marketers. MagicMail is an industry leading mail server solution specifically designed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Building on its reputation as a leader in anti-spam technologies, MagicMail now allows end users to "Just Say No" to email marketing with an incorporated anti-spam solution called MIPSpace. MIPSpace was developed by LinuxMagic in order to keep pace with the changing trends in "Grey Area Spam".

Michael Peddemors, President of LinuxMagic, strongly supports and believes in the rights of people to limit the amount of emails they receive from marketing companies.

"One of the reasons we decided to develop MIPSpace was that email marketing was becoming so rampant, that many ISPs found that their customers were receiving up to 20 emails per day from marketers. I strongly support and believe in the rights of people to say, 'No more commercial offerings' and this is why we are including MIPSpace in our latest version of MagicMail."

LinuxMagic decided to include MIPSpace, at no cost, in its latest version of MagicMail because email marketing has increased so significantly in the last year (51% according to an IPSOS research study completed in early 2007) that ISPs are struggling to provide an efficient, high volume anti-spam email solution to their customers.

With the inclusion of MIPSpace in the latest version of MagicMail, ISPs will finally be able to significantly decrease the number of high volume spam their customers receive, process legitimate email much faster and reduce their time and cost associated with fighting spam.