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MagicSpam for Plesk Released

Posted on: 2008-09-23| Type: News Item

LinuxMagic continues its reputation for Anti-Spam products by releasing some of its tools in a module specifically designed for the Parallels/SWSoft product "Plesk". This product is specifically designed to do more edge level protection. This helps to keep the majority of Spam offenders out before the filtering stage, improving performance and reducing backscatter.

This product should be especially attractive to hosting companies that resell Plesk products as a economical way to provide the best of MagicSpam protection, at a cost that is attractive to their customers, and yet allows for additional recurring revenue streams.

A new website and store have been created to make it simple to purchase, simple to install and easy to use. has more information on this product and pricing, however the unlimited email address protection fits well into the pricing model that Plesk customers are used to. "MagicSpam for Plesk" is based on MagicMail's tried and true Anti-Spam technology used to protect millions of users at ISP's and Telcos throughout North America.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors is excited about this product launch. "This is the first step in making our Spam protection available for other products and Platforms, and choosing Plesk as a first product seemed like the logical choice." Parallels strong penetration in the hosting market, and being able to fill a void and make the Plesk server experience even better at a price that is attractive enough for wide spread adoption is a wonderful experience, and we hope to release the same protection for many other products in the near future."

The MagicSpam website also holds information that is meant to help owners of other email solutions that want the protection of MagicMail, but are already committed to another product.

Recent customers comment on the simplicity of the product install, and it's seamless integration with Plesk, however the technical staff at LinuxMagic indicate this is only the beginning.