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Announcing latest MagicSpam Release(s)

Posted on: 2011-05-02| Type: News Item

APRIL 28th, 2011 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce that they have released their latest MagicSpam® Spam Protection updates, including the 64 Bit version for MailEnable email servers, and a production release of MagicSpam for Zimbra.

LinuxMagic is a Canadian Software development company with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and San Jose, Costa Rica specializing in products for the ISP, Telecommunication and Hosting sectors, and a world wide reputation for their Carrier Grade Email Platforms and Spam Protection technologies.

MagicSpam makes spam protection simple to use, simple to install for those email servers that do not already have effective spam protection built-in. MagicSpam was developed from real world experience in controlling spam for hundreds of ISP's around North America with MagicMail servers, and now much of that same protection can be available for users and administrators of other email platforms.

MagicSpam concentrates on effective SMTP Layer spam protection, giving a much better 'Zero Day' protection against Trojan and Bot generated spam, which accounts for the majority of the spam being generated today, however it also realizes that making spam protection easy is more important than ever.

Michael Peddemors, President/CEO of LinuxMagic explains by saying "Spam Protection is more and more complex every day, but simply putting a device or filter in place in front of the server is not only expensive, but causes additional headaches, and not every body has spam experts on hand to correctly configure email servers. MagicSpam makes it simple, at an affordable price.";

MagicSpam comes complete with full logging, statistics, graphical interfaces, custom controls, whitelist/blacklists, BMS™ reputation checks, hostile sender identification, Mail Server Profiling tools and many more features normally only available to those with the Carrier Grade MagicMail solutions. With this release, more users of other email platforms such as Zimbra and MailEnable can get all of these protections in simple to install package for only pennies per day per server.

“Our customers love MagicSpam, because it is simple and effective. And they know, in order to keep customers, you have to give them quality email services, and spam is the number one reason their customers get unhappy.” adds Mr. Peddemors. “And it is nice to see that our sales are finding a world wide market. This is another one of the products that makes us proud of the fact that our technology helps people.”