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Announcing MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel

Posted on: 2011-11-16| Type: Press Release

VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is happy to announce the release of its highly anticipated MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel. This spam protection product for the hosting industry is the latest in a series of spam protection tools that LinuxMagic has ported from their acclaimed MagicMail product line, and now it is available for all cPanel Hosting Providers, so that they can offer spam protection done right, directly to their customers, in a cost effective, easy to deploy module that fits with their business needs, and makes it simple to add MagicSpam protection to their platform, as a value added service.

HSPs know how competitive the hosting market is, and any other product that can help them increase their monthly revenues will put them over to top against their local competition. At the same time MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel allows for the individual customers to manage their own spam protection, thus decreasing administration time and cost, and increasing customer loyalty and user empowerment.

Chief Technology Officer Shaun Johnson was quoted as saying... "This Edition of MagicSpam is a great step forward. We have taken into account the need for the Hosting Provider to have a great deal more flexibility and control over how they want to use our software: either as a value added service, a general protection layer to reduce bandwidth costs, or a mixed environment for both."

He further adds, "with the added ability for end customers to manage their own settings, this reduces the need for the Hosting Provider to get caught up in day to day maintenance tasks and get back to providing excellent hosting services."

MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel comes with not just individual user controls but also with all of the features of our renown MagicSpam for cPanel (basic edition) such as lowered bandwidth use, zero day protection, reducing 'back scatter' and much more! MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel release was driven by customer demand, to help Hosting Service Providers not only stop spam BEFORE the server has to process it, but make additional revenue as a value added service to their customers.

Aaron Wuerch, Inside Sales Manager for LinuxMagic, adds... "MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel is a HOT product for the cPanel users. It allows owners of WHM to provide or up-sell spam protection to their customers in a simple to use, simple to install native WHM module. It handles unlimited users, unlimited domains all for one low monthly price without having to change anything and helps to protect the data-center, and retain customers".

MagicSpam for WHM/cPanel comes complete with full statistics, logs, log searching, custom whitelist/blacklists and much more. Simple to Install, Simple to Use and Simple to up-sell!

For more information on MagicSpam Pro for WHM/cPanel, please visit MagicSpam

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