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MagicMail 3.0 Release Announcement

Posted on: 2017-09-20| Type: Press Release

SEP 20th, 2017 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce the latest release of it's flagship carrier grade email platform “MagicMail”, the email platform of choice for hundreds of ISP's and Telco's across North America. This latest release brings exciting new features to it's industry leading platform and the millions of customers who rely on it.

MagicMail is a complete Email platform specifically designed for the needs of ISP's , Telco's and Cable companies who need to offer a Best of Breed email experience to their customers in this highly competitive landscape, while providing the best in Spam protection, user experience, stability, security and scalability.

This latest release is a complete upgrade of all components, which allows MagicMail to continue adding leading edge capabilities to it's core engines. With distributed real-time cluster technology, enhanced Spam protection, new Mobile Webmail HTML5 based web portal, and enhanced methods of secure authentication, MagicMail continues to focus on the end user's email experience, while simplifying the work load of ISP system engineers. Putting more control in the end users hands, and more automated processes also significantly reduces overhead and support costs.

ISP's have long been aware that offered top level email services to their customers has never been more important. ISP's who's customers use their email platform have a 72% lower customer churn rate, and is one of their strongest customer retention tools. And even in the world of mass social media, Email is still the most used service on the internet. And with today's 'always on, always connected' world that modern smart phones bring, it is important that they have the best email experience on their devices as well. MagicMail's Portal also allows ISP's to integrate their own 'apps' into that experience as well.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors reports.. “This 3rd generation of our flagship MagicMail product helps ISP's give their customers all the experience and safety that even the largest ISP's provide for a fraction of the cost, allowing them to keep their customers longer in this extremely competitive market, and it is exciting what the development team has developed for this release”

MagicMail has a unique design, and uses patented technology to also keep customers safer. In a world where Trojans, hackers, Bots, and Ransom Ware is ever increasing, ISP's have to be a leader in protecting their customers data and safety.

The company's CTO Shaun Johnson reflected.. “This release is exciting, as it allows us to introduce truly unique techniques to protect customers from hackers while making it easier to have a safe email experience. With our proprietary technology, ISP's can be ahead of the curve when it comes to the emerging threats facing their customers.”.

With full integration via API's and other methods, ISP's can integrate this platform with all of their other services as well. MagicMail continues to be a top selling commercial platform for this market to rave reviews, but this new release will enable companies to go 'over the top' when it comes to providing email services, without the complexity of traditional tools.

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