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LinuxMagic Software Announces New Sales of it's Anti-Spam 'MagicMail' Server

Posted on: 2003-06-12| Type: Press Release

Surrey, BC -- June 12, 2003 -- LINUXMAGIC Software today announced completion of sales of it's Anti-Spam 'MagicMail' Server to DSL EXTREME and ALLWEST COMMUNICATIONS.

DSL EXTREME is a major California Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving over 100,000 accounts, and ALLWEST COMMUNICATIONS is a large Utah based communications company. Sales to these organizations continue to prove the versatility of LinuxMagic's Mail Service offerings, and the recognition of how important Anti-Spam controls are to their customer base. The 'MagicMail' Server is one of the first complete 'All in One' solutions offerings a complete Email Delivery System, and designed to completely protect their customers from Spam and Virus's. In addition, it offers 'Simple to Use' customer tools to pro actively stop 'Future Spam'. LinuxMagic recently released this complete package which contains all of LinuxMagic's Specialized High Performance Email Tools, tools used in servers serving over 10 million emails per day. LinuxMagic released these tools in a complete package that offers unlimited user licensing, and runs under LinuxMagic's own customized Linux Operating System with a complete Administration Package.

Spam has long been a thorn in the side of businesses, and the ordinary email user as well, but it is LinuxMagic's use of Anti-Spam technology right at the mail servers, which is the innovation to completely protect the clients. Spammers know that not everyone is going to protect their personal email accounts, and until this Spam is stopped at the servers, spammers will continue to make money and bog down the Internet. And as well, 'The Gartner Group' has been reported as saying, "74% of customers believe the ISP is responsible for Spam problems, 36% of customers would switch ISP's to stop Spam, and that 24% of customers would pay a fee to stop Spam."

That is the why LinuxMagic's 'MagicMail' Server is receiving such attention.

Long known for being one of the Premier Linux Support and Development Houses, LinuxMagic is pleased that it's product offerings are receiving the same kind of accolades that it's Support and Service Contracts have garnered. "We are planning on bringing more of our specialized program offerings to the market, and the acceptance of these products by such major players shows other companies thinking of replacing their legacy Softwares, that Linux Applications can be cost effective, offering more service and protections for their users and customers." Says Ray Worth, Marketing Director of LinuxMagic."The Anti-Spam capabilities, the power of Linux, and all without the need for skilled technicians, make it so that 'MagicMail' Server can pay for itself within just a few months. It isn't hard to see why these companies are so pleased."

President and CEO, Michael Peddemors had this to add. "We have been doing this for years, it is just that we have now rolled it into one simple package. We're proud of the new things our programmers can do to stop SPAM which is now reaching 40% of all email, but it's the power of Linux that keeps it going without interruption. We have been servicing major players like ALLWEST for all their Linux and Mail Server needs for years, but I really like what our new customers have to say about our products"

Dean Russ, Director of Information Systems for DSL Extreme had this to say, "Your MagicMail product has allowed our company to keep up with our rapid growth in terms of scalability and reliability. In addition, the amount of spam received by our customers has been significantly reduced and customers now have the ability to interactively control what comes into their mailboxes. This is truly a great product."

As well, Mr. Peddemors added, "As much as I am glad we are doing our part to stop SPAM, we are even more proud to be able to help businesses realize huge savings with Linux, in all phases of business."