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The MagicMail email server upgrades and feature enhancements

MagicMail® is the culmination of years of working closely with ISPs and Telcos to provide the best email servers specifically designed for this industry. MagicMail is proud of the involvement of their customers in the product design, and happy to be known as the "Email server for ISPs, by ISPs". In our quest to continue making it better, we welcome product design suggestions, enhancement requests, and new feature ideas.

If there is a feature that you would like to see included in the software, you can make a request to our support team via the form below; or if it is a custom feature that is not slated for inclusion into the official release, a request can be made to sales@magicmail.com for a quote on modifying the software, either for inclusion in the official product, or for inclusion on a custom server.

MagicMail Upgrades

Every licensed owner of the MagicMail Server software is entitled to free upgrades while their support package is activated. The server itself will notify you of any security updates made in your system, including the updates to the base operating system. Upgrades are usually a hassle-free procedure and can be performed by MagicMail customers themselves requiring only junior administration skills, however the LinuxMagic support team is always standing by if you need assistance.

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