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Optional server add-ons for MagicMail

MagicMail Server Optional Add-ons

While the MagicMail server is a completely self-contained mail server, companies such as ISPs and Telcos would often like to consolidate as much as possible. The MagicMail server has been designed with this in mind and makes it really easy to integrate optional add-ons.

Here is a list of some of the optional add-ons that are commonly requested:

  • Dialup & Radius authentication
  • DHCP and MAC address authentication
  • Domain name system (DNS) services
  • Virtual domain hosting services
  • Mailing list software and administration
  • Personal Pages
  • Auto Configuration
  • Email archiving

For more information about installing these and other add-ons, please contact your nearest reseller or drop us a line at sales@magicmail.com