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MagicMail Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Strategy

Stay Ahead of Spammers with MagicMail's Robust Anti-Spam Capabilities

MagicMail is your ultimate shield against spam. In today’s digital age, where email security is non-negotiable, our built-in anti-spam technology safeguards your users without the need for third-party tools or services. At LinuxMagic, we’re pioneering the battle against spam right at the mail server level, where it’s most effective—handling everything during the SMTP process before the overhead of traditional filtering methods.

Why MagicMail’s Anti-Spam is Superior:

  • Server Profiling at SMTP: Unlike simple filtering methods, our Mail Server Profiling detects spam at its entry point, reducing system overhead.
  • Early Threat Detection: Early pre-emptive blocking can deter future attacks
  • High Performance: Catching threats early in the OS/Email stack reduces overhead
  • Built-In: No need for expensive 3rd party email filters
  • Known Sender Forgery Our proprietary KSF tools help detect brand forgeries
  • Dynamic Rule Engine® (DRE) New and emerging threats can be prevented real time
  • Distributed Feedback Multiple methods for taking part in Threat Reporting

Our cutting-edge technology directly addresses each of these sources. Traditional methods like filtering, appliances, and outsourcing fall short, which is why MagicMail integrates comprehensive recognition systems to preemptively filter out spam. Our streamlined solution requires no complex setups, and reduces engineering and support time and costs. And our customer portals allow your customers to enhance/modify their own settings.

Stop Viruses in Their Tracks with MagicMail’s Anti-Virus Solutions

Network security is more crucial than ever as viruses continue to find pathways through email. MagicMail’s anti-virus protection stops viruses at their source—during the SMTP process—significantly reducing overhead and preventing the spread within your network. And with Zero-Day protections, even unknown virus' are kept to a minimum.

Key Features of MagicMail’s Anti-Virus Solution:

  • Real-Time Virus Blocking: Immediate detection and blocking of viruses to protect your customers.
  • Unlimited User Licensing: All users enjoy full protection with no additional licensing fees.

At MagicMail, we believe in keeping your systems up-to-date and your networks safe. Our solutions are designed to be seamless, effective, and user-friendly, empowering you to focus on what’s important without worrying about email threats.