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MagicMail OSS and Billing Integration

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Systems

At LinuxMagic, we recognize the importance of ensuring new systems harmonize with your existing infrastructure. That's why our MagicMail system is meticulously designed to integrate smoothly with your current billing programs.

Customizable Solutions

Whether your billing software is on our list of frequently used platforms or not, we're here to facilitate seamless integration. Our MagicMail servers work hand-in-hand with a wide range of billing software, ensuring you have the most efficient setup possible.

Supported Billing Software Includes:

  • Platypus Billing Software
  • Rodopi Billing Software
  • ModernBill
  • Freeside
  • PowerNoc
  • Martin Group (Omnia)
  • Emerald
  • BillMax
  • NISC/Quintrex
  • OptiGold

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Advanced Integration Features:

  • Unique Account IDs: Quickly access service subscriptions for each user through external programs.
  • Add-On Modules: Track a variety of chargeable services like dialup usage, email counts, domain management, and more.

Our modular design means you can even split the portions of this server into parts, reducing loads for older hardware, or scaling up to any size.

Comprehensive System Compatibility

Our systems are built to integrate with:

  • DNS Servers
  • Existing database servers
  • DHCP servers
  • External Web Servers and Services

This modular design allows for adaptable configuration—whether that means lightening the load on older hardware or enhancing capacity to scale.

Unlimited User Licensing

With our unlimited user licensing model, customize your setups with unparalleled flexibility to meet your evolving business needs.

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